China Girl

Title : China Girl
Release : 1974
Language : English 2.0
Runtime : 1 :29:00
Genre : Comedy, Crime
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Ruthless international crime syndicate known as the Dragon finds a buyer, evil spy by the name of Mr. Smythe, for a secret formula that enables total recall. However, they need to steal it from the US government first by kidnapping two more scientists who worked on it, the always absent-minded Dr. Olinsky and feisty microbiologist Dr. Teresa Hardgrave. Therefore, CIA Chief sends secret agent David Chase to protect Teresa. When she turns out to be a highly intelligent, self-confident and seductive sexually liberated feminist, who clicks extremely well with open-minded Chase, the two immediately hit it off after a few stimulating conversations. As they make passionate love, Dr. Olinsky is kidnapped by the Dragon’s henchman and taken to their headquarters, where villainous Madame Woo shows Smythe their new technique of torture through pleasure. Victims of both sexes are sexually stimulated to the point of orgasm, but since they’re unable to actually achieve it thanks to a special drug, …

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Georgina Spelvin,

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James Hong,

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