Der Schnüffler

Title:Der Schnüffler
Language:English 2.0
Runtime:1 :31:00
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The harmless Berlin taxi driver Herbert Boeckmann has a bad day: Three mysterious gentlemen put him the corpse of Boris Stravinsky, a Russian economist, into the car. Unsuspecting Herbert brings the “passenger” to East Berlin. There Boeckmann falls into the clutches of the KGB, who considers him a top agent of the CIA. As Herbert eventually returns to the western part of the city, already the CIA waiting for him to be the taxi driver again suspected of being a top agent of the KGB. To prove his innocence, Herbert must find the real killer of Stravinsky. A mysterious vials to which he sniffs in extreme situations, helping them not only to amazing powers and unsuspected abilities. As Super Agent “Herbie Melbourne” mixed Herbert on the agent scene. But between the lines he gets in the line of professional killer.

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Ned Dennehy,

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