Killer High

Title:Killer High
Genre:Comedy, Horror
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In the small town of Wallingham, the year is 2018. A ten-year high school reunion is planned but Wallingham has become a ghost town and big city developers close in with new project ambitions. What few people remain in town are thrill-seekers following ghost stories surrounding the town’s abandoned high school. However, even they don’t stick around once an old mascot costume of the Wallingham Warthog is unearthed and worn, activating an old curse that brings the mascot back to terrifying life. After the reunion planner’ Sabrina has her event reservation canceled at the town’s hotel due to the place going out of business, her old classmates Margo and Ronnie convince her to relocate the event at the town’s old high school. What started out as a reasonably sound idea turns disastrous as the monster warthog storms through the halls and classrooms killing former students and teachers wherever it finds them. Trapped in a ghost town, with no help of any kind and with most of the old class …

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Carol Kane,

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Kacey Rohl, Humberly González, Asha Bromfield, Varun Saranga,

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