Slow Ride Home

Title : Slow Ride Home
Release : 2020
Language : English 2.0
Runtime : 1 :21:00
Genre : Documentary
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Not everyone will identify with this film or its eight central characters. Why would grown men opt to ride scooters – to be clear, not motorcycles but small motor scooters – from coast to coast, not to mention having latex animal masks stretched over their helmets? A person who understands the answer to that question is a viewer who would probably appreciate this documentary.The Scooter Cannonball Run has taken place every two years since 2004. This film follows the Soldiers of Destiny, a scooter club from Seattle, as the riders and a support van trek from Fernandina Beach, Fla., to Mukilteo, Wash., during the 2016 run.Like any good road trip story, the guys doubt themselves, bicker, tease, face challenges and, ultimately, move into an even deeper friendship.My regret was not having an opportunity to see more of the sights along the way, but the well-documented realities accompanying long, often grueling, days on the road, helps one understand this is simply not that kind of movie.What it does have is excellent music by rider Jesse Morrow. The images, though sometimes monotonous due to having to rely mostly on cameras mounted on the bikes or riders, are fun to watch. Additionally, drone footage occasionally gives an interesting aerial view.Ultimately, what makes Slow Ride Home work is the guys, having fun, being themselves, and not holding back because of a camera.

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