When Angels Sleep

Title:When Angels Sleep
Genre:Drama, Thriller
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Germán is a CEO of a life insurance company too much busy with his job to attend his personal life with his wife Sandra and his little daughter, Estela. Trying to arrive home at time to celebrate Estela’s birthday party, Germán is stopped at night by two Civil Guard agents (Spanish equivalent to state troopers), who seeing German’s extreme exhaustion they guide him to a motel to pass the night and that he sleeps in order to prevent an accident. At the same time, Silvia is a troubled teen who flees from her too troubled home to meet her close friend Gloria, meeting later with Mario and El Chato to spend the night all together in Mario’s car. Meanwhile Germán eludes Civil Guard agents and takes the car again to get home as soon as be possible, Silvia rejects El Chato’s sexual innuendos and hit him, making that she leaves the car and Gloria leaves it too, trying both to back home walking or making hitchhiking. But when in certain moment Silvia moves away from the road and she hides in a …

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Spencer Locke,

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Julián Villagrán, Marian Álvarez, Ester Expósito, Sira Alonso,

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